Ron's Plumbing installs walk in bathtubs in the wichita area

Ron's Plumbing installs walk in bathtubs in the wichita area

Walk In Tubs

If you or one of your family members has problems with mobility, whether they are disabled or just getting on in years, it can be difficult to deal with bathing issues. Everyone enjoys a great bath or shower, but when you are not able to be very mobile, it can make something simple, like getting a bath, quite a chore. One great development in the realm of bathtubs is the emergence of walk in bathtubs. These tubs have been developed especially for those who have disabilities or problems with mobility to provide them with a comfortable and safe bathing experience.

No Climbing Required
One of the greatest features of walk in bathtubs is that there is no climbing required to get in and out of one. While a regular bathtub either requires you to climb in or to step down into it, these tubs allow you to walk right into the tub through a special door. Once you are inside, you can close the door and start running your water. When you are done, there is no need to worry about hoisting yourself out of the tub, since you can easily walk right out.

Seating is Provided
Not only can you walk right into walk in bathtubs, but seating is provided as well. These special tubs all come with built in seats that you can sit on comfortably. This keeps you from having to sit on floor level and having difficulty getting back up when you are finished. Now you can comfortably sit in your tub, enjoy your warm bath, and not have to worry about having to climb out.

Great Safety Features
There are a variety of great safety features that come along with walk in bathtubs as well. Some of the safety features that are included are nice bars that you can hold onto to make sure that you do not fall while in the bath. The surfaces of the tub are also made to be skid resistant to prevent falls as well. Most of these tubs also come with a hand held shower unit in it as well to make bathing more convenient. Some tubs even have special surfaces that make them extremely easy to clean and keep up too.

As you probably know, it can be a bit dangerous in the tub for even those who have no limitations. Many slips and falls occur in the bathtub frequently, and there is even more of a risk for bathtub accidents for people who may have mobility issues. Using a walk in tub is a great way to protect yourself or a loved one and prevent any accidents from happening